How To Make Money With UberDOST

How to make money with UberDOST

UberDOST is more than just an app. You can manipulate it to gain extra income by referring new driver to be Uber Partner. Once they sign up and complete amount of trip, you will get the commission. How to make money with UberDOST will completely change you perception about Uber.

First you need to install UberDOST app in your smart phone. You can find it at Google Play store. Then sign up with Uber and get approved. Once your account activated, you will have an access to UberDOST account. Refer to the photo below.




You can utilize UberDOST as a tool of side income. As long as you have smart phone and internet, you can simply invite your friend by inserting their email or phone number. UberDOST didn’t charge you for this services, it’s free! If you don’t feel comfortable to invite by phone, you can do it in your computer.


How much do you earn for each invitation?

Let makes simple calculation. For every invitation accepted by your friend will give potential reward worth RM200. Once they done driving 30 to 50 of trip for example, the reward will be yours. If you can invite 10 friends a day, within a month you’ll have 300 friends. So you potential income will be RM60,000!

Maybe not all of them done the trips, but if you have 30 friend done the trip, you still have a chance to earn RM6,000. It stills a big amount for you. With that money, you can spend it to invest to the other place such as properties, unit trust, and business or treat your parent every month. So don’t give up inviting you friend to drive with Uber.


Where can I invite people to join Uber?

Today we have a lot of opportunity to find information. Some people prefer to advertise in Facebook Group, Facebook Page, Google Ads and forum to recruit a new driver. You can choose whatever medium as long as it don’t disturb others person privacy. Please find the right method to gain new Uber Partner.

To make sure you have enough knowledge to recruit new Uber Partner, lets take a step to drive first, Click here to register:
[+] http://bit.ly/RegisterUberDriver

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